Bad Writing Explained

“You can only write regularly if you’re willing to write badly… Accept bad writing as a way of priming the pump, a warm-up exercise that allows you to write well.”

- Jennifer Egan

Here's the thing. I'm going to live. I don't know if it will be years or decades (and who really does for that matter?) but recent scans look like at least six months before I'm back in treatment, so this state of paralysis I've been in for the last year since learning I had lymphoma - a state of waiting and not doing anything professional or really personally (other than taking care of E and the boys) needs to end. I'm going to start writing every day and posting it here. It won't be good. It will likely have many typos and problems with sentence structure but it will be my words on a page living out there in the world. And who knows maybe by writing my words everyday not all the writing will be bad. 


Silver (Uterine) Lining