Check Your Bias

After writing about my bubble and wanting a greater understanding of Trump voters, I received several comments from white men (a neighbor and several Trump supporters) that if I wanted true understanding I needed to check my bias that all Trump supporters were racist, sexist and xenophobic. Being the self reflective gal that I am, I've mulled this over the last few days. There was something about it that struck me as patronizing and unfair. Why do I have to check my bias for this conversation to happen? I'm not asking anyone to check their bias of me as an Ivy League educated east coast liberal out of touch with half of America. That's exactly why we need to talk so maybe we can get past that.  So if I'm going to check my bias, then I'm asking the same in return. 

Hillary was my candidate and I accepted the full package that came with her including the not so positive aspects - the unfair support of the DNC through the primaries, the questionable ethical lapses, the lack of compelling vision, the continuation of a political dynasty, the cozy relationship with Wall Street, the unabashed courting of moderate Republicans that took her further and further from my progressive liberal values, to name a few. I decided I could overlook her flaws because not one of them was rooted in hate and none of them targeted other human beings because of their race, sex or religion.  

If Trump was your candidate you don't get to pick and choose the elements of him you liked and disregard those you didn't. He made racist comments and garnered the support of racist hate groups. He denigrated women throughout the campaign and was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault. He proposed banning Muslims from entering our country based solely on their faith. You decided with your vote for Trump that you could afford to overlook Trump's racism, sexism and xenophobia. If you want to understand the other side, you need to check your bias that allowed you to do that. 



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