No Justice Here

He got away with it. That was my first thought when I saw Trump walk toward the podium on election night after being elected the next president. After at least a dozen women came forward reporting Trump sexual assaulted them and then his own words bragging about grabbing women without their consent were played for the American people, he was elected to the highest office in the land. There will be no justice here. 

Those were the words a nurse who had just collected evidence from my body as part of rape kit said to me. There will be no justice here. These wounds we have stitched up will heal. And you will heal.  Go home.  Put this behind you because there will be no justice here. 

That's exactly what I did and I rarely spoke of it until this election cycle. Once I started talking I found the stat that one in four women has been sexually assaulted bear out in my circle of friends.  After sharing my rape story, I found that friends I had known for years had one of their own. Not one of us ever saw an ounce of justice for the crimes committed against our bodies and souls.  The uncle who raped a friend was never punished and continues to be invited to family gatherings to this day. The man who raped a friend when she was 16 years old was never even pursued by the police. The fraternity boy who raped a friend who had passed out drunk at a party was never charged by the police or sanctioned by the university. Our society shows time and time again that sexual crimes against women can be overlooked. 

Every high profile case where a rapist gets off or gets a minor sentence is hard to stomach. But for women who have survived sexual assault, having a president who has been accused and bragged about it, is a deeply personal blow. His accusers have been belittled and his words bragging of criminal behavior overlooked and dismissed. The jury comprised of the America voters decided once again that women's bodies are available for men for the taking. There will be no justice here. 



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