Clenched Teeth

Before bed last night, I realized I was clenching my teeth. I was still reeling from Trump's twitter storm claiming voter fraud was the reason he lost the popular vote. Beside it been the most insane erratic behavior ever demonstrated by a president elect, it was just stupid and demonstrated what an idiot he is. He's claiming the election he WON was fraudulent. Then I remember that idiot will be our president in January. Deep breath, loosen jaw, exhale.

Reading the newspaper this morning, I realized I was clenching my teeth. Each morning seems to bring new reports of an unqualified billionaires getting top posts in Trump's cabinet, his representatives doubling down on his hateful policies as Trump says he disavows hate groups, the depth and scope of his business conflicts and lack of interest in untangling himself from them, and the severe limitations of the press to cover a president elect who lies as easily as he breathes. Deep breath, loosen jaw, exhale. 

Today while watching a hateful video of a Trump supporter in a Chicago craft store, I realized I was clenching my teeth. This is the latest in a stream of videos of Trump supporters emboldened by their candidate's hateful rhetoric who feel they can spew their hate at any time, anywhere and without any consequence. They yell Trump at black people as if it's a racial slur. It's unnerving and difficult to watch. I wonder what I would do if I witnessed such a scene. Deep breath, loosen jaw, exhale. 

In yoga today while in the downward dog position, I realized I was clenching my teeth. My mind wasn't racing. I finally was back on my mat after recovering from a recent surgery and so happy be there. And yet, here I was with my teeth clenched. It's going to be a rough four years. Deep breath, loosen jaw, exhale.  

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