Trump and My Grandpa

I'm pretty sure if my grandpa Max was still alive, he'd be a Trump supporter. On pure demographics, he'd be right in the Trump sweet spot. He was white, just had a high-school education, lived in Missouri (a deep red state), and was a retired police officer. He was also an unabashed racist, sexist and anti-semite. He died before the rise of Fox News but pretty sure it would have tapped into his anxieties - social and economic - making him a fan. Even though I loved him dearly, I can say he was asshole. Not too different from the assholes you see at Trump's rallies spouting racist, sexist and anti-semite garbage. 

But his most core value was family first. When I think of this, I give him more credit and think maybe he would have rebuked Trump. He didn't disown my sister when unmarried at 20 she became pregnant with mixed-race son. I'm sure he uttered some racist comments about it, but he loved and cared for them because they were family. When I started dating my husband who is Jewish, he didn't disown me. He inappropriately called him my "jew boy" but he welcomed him at what was becoming an increasingly diverse Thanksgiving table. Before he died, his family had expanded to include my sister's black husband, my Jewish husband, and mixed race and mixed religion great grandkids. I'm sure this would not have been his choice, but it was what it was. And we were his family no matter our race and faith and that trumped everything else. 


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