Hillary and My Grandma

When I go cast my vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow, I'll also be voting for my grandma who didn't live to see this day when she could cast a vote for a woman president. I'm not sure she would have called herself a feminist but she definitely was a trailblazer for women's rights. She ran for local office in her small, northern Missouri town in the early 1950s, and helped unionize the women at the cable factory where she worked to demand equal pay as the men who did the same job.  After working a physically taxing job at the factory, she went home and worked the "second shift" taking care of my mother, uncle and demanding grandpa. She adhered to the norms society required of her while pushing the boundaries at the same time.

When I was eight or so, I remember overhearing a neighbor call her "one tough broad" with a mix of admiration and fear in his voice. Hillary Clinton possess those same "tough broad" qualities and I can't wait to vote for her tomorrow in memory of Grandma Marge. 

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