Angels on the Internet

This election session has often felt like the worst of our collective humanity lives on the internet. (I'm looking at you comments section of almost any newspaper, Breitbart News and any website that would put itself under the alt-right umbrella.)  But a year ago after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I found a place where the most beautiful people took up residence (against their will because no wants lymphoma) and dispense information with equal amounts of hope and love.  They don't get paid and there is no fame involved but angels with usernames like anjou, andym, lympho-mom, and judy_smiles regularly give of their time and their hearts to help people at one of the scariest points of their lives facing a diagnosis of cancer. I regularly find myself in tears reading the forum maybe because it offers a glimpse of my future - periods of normalcy marked by a series of escalating, harrowing treatments that stave off the disease while extracting their own toll. The tears also flow because encouragement and advice flow so freely and without any notice of one's gender, race or faith - the things often used to divide our nation. Lymphoma, and maybe what type you have, are the only defining attributes that matter here.  All this happens on an old-school, late 90s bulletin-board type forum so I can't easily give them a thumbs up on their posts or share a sweet gif with my thanks. But I am incredibly grateful to them for the selfish work they do. It's also nice to know that the best of our collective humanity can live on the internet as well. 

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