Over White Men

I told my husband the other night, I'm done with white men. Luckily he didn't take it personally given he is white man and we're raising three boys who will become white men. But I wasn't talking about them. I was talking about my art and culture consumption. I'm making a focused effort to not listen to music by white men, read books by white men, watch movies and tv shows by white men, and accept the opinions and commentary of white men. Conscious probably of his own self interest and that of the boys, he asked if I might take a more positive and less racial approach to my culture consumption. He suggested maybe saying I'm going to seek out the art of women and people of color versus I'm done with white men. He reminded me that my ban on white men artists meant I wouldn't get to listen to the new Dr. Dog album - a band I like comprised solely of white men. I rejected his white male opinion on that. I wasn't having his softening of my language. Nope, I'm done with white men. Dr. Dog is going to be fine without my support. White men are going to be fine. The system ensures that is the case.

White men run all facets of our lives. They run the government, our corporations and even our places of worship.  And it shows. Last week a white police officer Michael Slager was not convicted of shooting a black man who was running away from him. There is video of Walter Scott actively running away from him when he fired his gun, and yet the jury didn't convict him of murder. 

And Time Magazine just named Donald Trump its Man of the Year. The most incompetent white male president-elect this nation has ever had. Voters (though not the majority of them) overlooked his lack of any experience for the job, his racists and xenophobic rhetoric, his unethical business dealings, his refusal to release his tax returns, his self professed sexual assaults and even his grotesque mocking of a disable person and decided he was the best candidate for the job. The bar was so low for him compared to Hillary that all he had to do was stumble over it.

No one needs to worry about white men. They are doing just fine. 



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