If I had a button like Matt Lauer (Poem)

it wouldn't lock my office door

so I could

privately rape my younger colleague

in the middle of the workday.

No, my button would be different.

When I pushed my button

a force field would surround any young girl in danger 

and it would electrically shock any "God-loving" man when he tried:

forcing his tongue into her mouth,

rubbing his erect dick on her ass,

shoving her head into his crotch.

The shock would forever turn his mouth, his hands, his dick

a neon yellow so bright it lit up the church sanctuary

publically announcing the depths of his depravity. 

Permanently shaming him. 

The stain may fade with repentance and years of therapy,

but it would forever cast a glow. 


Undone by a stranger's cancer story

Two years with cancer