Open House (Poem)

She had a feeling that this one could be the place

Awaiting the agent's turn of the lock, she inventoried the signs:

Good school, tree-lined block, garage (unheard of in the city!).

First in, her round belly full of anticipation.

Pulse quickening at the sight of the hardwood floors. 

A room for a nursery overlooked a weeping cherry tree.

Not to mention the original crown molding and leaded-glass windows.

They could be happy here.

She just knew it.

There were features that hinted otherwise:

Medical device outlets jimmied haphazardly in the bedroom,

Safety rails in the shower and around the toilet,

Apartments carved out of two rooms for children who never left.

She had a guy - a real craftsman - skilled at removing disappointment even death.

Once he finished and after a new coat of paint

She just knew they could be happy here.


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