Photo by JJ Tiziou

Photo by JJ Tiziou

Author and Playwright 

Terrilyn McCormick is a West Philadelphia-based writer and playwright. She spent 20 years as a management consultant before making a mid-life career switch to writing in 2016. Terrilyn has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas and a Masters in City Planning and Real Estate from the University of Pennsylvania.

Her Work:

Terrilyn is currently seeking a literary agent for her first novel, The Line. The Line is a story about how far parents will go to get their kids into an excellent public school in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. 

Terrilyn’s third play, FreeWork, will be staged in the 2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. In addition, she has written two other full-length plays, Marrow Deep, inspired by her cancer diagnosis, and Use as Directed: An American Opioid Story.

In her blog, Terrilyn's Bad(Ass) Writing, she writes about living with cancer, raising three sons, and making sense of current events. It's the place where she gets ideas tumbling around in her head out on the page so she can get back to her writing projects.